Friday, February 22, 2013

Mysterious objects all around

1975: A mysterious egg-shaped object of roughly 85-88 mm was discovered in in a Ukrainian clay pit. The object appeared to be made of a black, glass-like material, but it did not break when the workers attempted to smash it. The object was given to a local museum owner, who then transferred it to a research center. The research results have never been officially published. 
 Rumours indicate that the clay coating of the “egg” indicates that it had been around since the clay pit began forming - over ten million years! 
The egg was therefore not man-made, but it’s intricate form eliminated the possibility that it had been naturally formed... Some hypothesized that the object was of an extra-terrestrial nature. X-rays showed that the object had a nucleus, which contained some sort of matter. 
 Scientists analyzing the measurements of the object discovered that it was not constructed using the decimal (base-10) numeral system used by modern civilizations. Rather, it was made using a tetra-vigesimal, or base-24 numeral system. This system had not used by any know historical civilization, further casting doubts on the earthly origins of this “egg”. Researchers were even more astonished to find out that, when measuring the object’s density, the results gave a negative density! Researchers explained this result was due to the fact that the object contained anti-matter, which is not present in abundant quantities anywhere on earth. 
Did the unsuspecting construction workers stumble across a relic of an ancient alien civilization who’s ship crashed on earth some ten million years ago?